About alex hickman

I am an avid student of Human behaviour, Spirituality, Philosophy and Science.

My working life started as a professional footballer from the ages of 16-20, then playing semi professional football until the age of 22. Injury stopped me playing past the age of 22, which was the turning point in my life. I then started a health and wellness business. This whilst starting a property business, sourcing properties for other investors before acquiring Real Estate for myself and group of companies.

I now have interests in various fields including property, coaching, social media management trading and podcasting.

I now spend a lot of time studying ancient scriptures, ‘alternative’ health, spirituality, science etc. Nobody can take knowledge and wisdom away from someone.

My only fear is saying ‘I didn’t get it done’ when I die.

ABOUT Self Sovereign

Unveiling the mysteries of Life and to give clarity in a world of vast disinformation. We aim to bring an understanding to all that which is false in order to realise what is True. The basis of Neti Neti.

We hope to shift the perception of our listeners for a more enlightened future, both individually and collectively.

“The heights of the spirit can only be climbed by passing through the portals of humility. You can only acquire right knowledge when you have learnt to esteem it. Man has certainly the right to turn his eyes to the light, but he must first acquire this right.” - Rudolf Steiner


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