About alex hickman

Alex Hickman is an avid student of interconnected Spirituality, Esoteric Disciplines, Science, Mysticism, Philosophy and Entrepreneurialism. He lives in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, and spends much of his time learning, travelling and investing.

His early adulthood saw him as a professional sportsman, playing football (soccer) in the third tier of English football. With the gods having different ideas, at the age of 22 Alex started a business in health and wellness and began consuming a wealth of information in holistic health and other healing arts.

Alex then began devouring information on business and entrepreneurialism, including the history of money and how we have walked the path to where we are today. He now invests heavily in Real Estate and Precious Metals along with other small businesses.

Alex now works with people to advance their self-development through an innerstanding of the Self, Soul and their relationship to Divinity. He writes articles and speaks at events to share his ideas and philosophy.

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“The heights of the spirit can only be climbed by passing through the portals of humility. You can only acquire right knowledge when you have learnt to esteem it. Man has certainly the right to turn his eyes to the light, but he must first acquire this right.” - Rudolf Steiner