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Self Awareness

The number 1 step in ALL areas of life is the awareness of the level of consciousness we are operating at. We need to be the witness behind our thoughts, emotions which in turn lead to our behavioural patterns. When we are operating at a high level of consciousness we will 'see' opportunities in every situation which lead to internal and external growth.

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Your relationship with adversity

One vital shift in thinking towards a higher level of awareness, is the knowing that reality is ALWAYS acting in your favour..... ALWAYS. To re-contextualise each perceived negative time into our biggest lessons will quite literally change your life.  A very subtle yet hugely profound shift in your hardware. Ask yourself how you would perceive 'negative' events in your life if this reality was owned in every situation... Powerful Growth.

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You are not your thoughts

When you were born could you think? Until you learnt a language, could you think as you think today?

Putting this into perspective we could only rationalise with our conscious mind once we had a language to relate the circumstance to it. Which raises a can we be our thoughts when we were alive before we could consciously think?

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