Conscious Business - The New World

Over the last 200 years a society run by greed and elitism has left the world on the edge of socio-economic disaster. Unconscious capitalism has led the Earth into a state of despair and destruction. (Think the cutting down of rainforests to supply the 'meat' for McDonalds.)


The main motivation for corporations in this time has been their expanding bank balance. The lack of overall awareness for the planet and society as a whole has been appalling.


Conscious business is the future and it is growing rapidly.


Millennials get a bad rap! From my experience young people who have been passed the baton have actually drew the short straw, with some horrendous practises taking place all around the world, and are doing a damn good job of pulling it back round.


Never before has there been so many start ups aiming to change the world for the better, with the bank balance secondary to the impact it makes. Bank balance follows service in todays world.


Entrepreneurship is on the rise and for good reason. We have to step into our power and leave this place in a better state than when we arrived. 


Stop playing small and get out of your own way.


What can you do to make your impact with conscious business?


1) Become and embody your passion

2) Push it out to the world and attract attention

3) Monetize


In that order!

 Let me know if I can help you in any way.


All the best,


Daniella Arenare