I have been daily intermittent fasting and doing longer fasts for only around 6 months, so I am in no means an expert in the matter and always learning. Having said that I highly encourage you to take a deeper look into its benefits for mind, body and spirit.


There are numerous different types of fasting. Often it is simply no food and only water (or herbal teas) for a set period of time. But there are also fruit fasts, juice fasts, citrus fasts, dry fasts etc. Take a look at the different types of fasting online.


In the short time I have been experimenting myself with the ancient practise there has been an incredible difference in mental clarity and efficiency in decision making. My meditation is also much deeper when I go past 48 hours with no food. Dreams are far more vivid, senses increase in sensitivity and I have more energy. On the other side of the coin I have emotional shifts that I have to be aware of and work through, along with physical detox symptoms such as bad breath, spots, stinky piss and headaches. 


It is vital to understand that detox symptoms are a GOOD thing! I have known people stop fasting because they are beginning to experience detox symptoms and start tucking into their bangers and mash again as they think it was causing harm!! It is doing the exact opposite. The divine intelligence behind life working to align the body back to natural health.


It is very easy to do daily intermittent fasting. Simply take your last solid food of the day at around 4-5pm and do not eat again until 12 pm the next day, which leaves a window of 19 hours without food. Obviously test this out for yourself and see what time work well for you. It is vital that you break these fasts with fresh organic produce, if not always being fruit or fruit juice! Your body will begin to purify itself.


I would put a disclaimer here to say make sure you talk to a doctor before you do any fasting, but from experience they tend to just repeat the belief that we should be having 3 square meals per day rather than looking into the benefits of fasting. Therefore I would encourage you to work with your own body and see what feels right for you. Nobody else knows your body better than you do.



A question to leave you with... What if food isn't our main source of energy. What if Prana (life force/ether) from the air is? 

Daniella Arenare