How do you know, that what you know is true?

"There are no facts, only interpretations"-Friedrich Nietzsche

This is the basis of subjective reality. Objective truth only being interpreted through a single point of subjectivity.

Have you ever questioned where your strongly held beliefs have come from? Do they have any basis in Reality? Or are they opinions you have agreed with from other people?

Truth does not sit in belief and opinion. They are baseless unfortunately, no matter how deeply routed they are.

2+2=4, this is scientific fact. We have to look at things that Truth is not in order to get to what it is. For example, in the above equation, find out that the answer is not 3 or 5. By the elimination of falsity (lack of Truth) we end up with what is. 

Truth cannot be changed, regardless of what beliefs, money or energy is thrown at it. Real Truth stands on its own and cannot be altered, and so it is in life. If there are 1000's of opinions on a certain subject, none of those beliefs have any validity whatsoever. Only Reality is what is, mental ideas as to what is, is what is not and the same as getting 3 or 5. Usually the ones who tell the best story and have the most money to push an agenda will come up with the most compelling story for you to believe in, and due to a lack of Self-hood, usually succeed.

As an example for people to ponder on. In most countries eating dogs is severely punished whereas in China it is a festival to celebrate. In the West we look and say how could they do such a thing. In China they wonder why we think it is such a bad thing. Cultural conditioning is very powerful and the belief that either is right or wrong leads to huge amount of suffering in the world. 

What is, is. It doesn't care for our belief about it and the opinions we hold so dear to us are actually what is keeping us in darkness.

Task for the week - Question where your opinions have come from and start letting go of these strongly held beliefs. Make a note of them as they arise and every time they crop up shine the light of awareness onto them.