Is it happiness or peace you are seeking?

"Do what makes you happy'... something most people have heard. The mother saying to her child, 'as long as you are happy, I am happy'. But is this true?


What are you really looking for?


I would invite you to look at whether you are really seeking a state of peace. Something the majority of us have never had since we became identified with the mind.


Happiness is a feeling we have, it is fleeting, coming and going depending on the external circumstances of our perceived reality. If something happens to us which we are conditioned to believe is good, then we would be happy. If something happens to us that we decide is bad, then we would be unhappy. This is due to our innate human essence, our minds being incredibly permeable from an early age. We then attach an emotion to an event which we have decided is good or bad. The reality is that any event is just as it is, the human mind is the only thing that puts judgement onto it.


Happiness is a feeling. The same as every other feeling, it is fleeting and should not be seen as True.


Peace however, is a way of being. Regardless of external circumstance, if a person is in a state of tranquil peace, nothing can remove that state, unless consciously chosen of course. It is quite a high level of consciousness when this state is attained. The way to get there is through the relinquishment of control. I will write a bit more about that in another article.


However, you will find a very strong correlation between the two. This is because happiness is a by product of Divine Peace. Complete serenity has a sensation of bliss, with which happiness is a by product.


Therefore if you enjoy the feeling of being happy, aim for a peaceful existence. One beyond the human mind ;)

Daniella Arenare