It's never about the Money

I will be using business for the context below but it is entirely relevant for anybody in any walk of life.


Your business is a direct reflection of you.


I see most entrepreneurs going into business for the money, as I did when I started out because money was right at the top of my value list at the age of 21. The question I asked myself as I moved through my personal business adventure was 'what do I want the money for?' Then I got to the point of asking 'What would I do happily for the rest of my life for no financial return?'. A few things cropped up which surprised me.


Ask yourself a question... You have £100,000,000 in a room which is yours for life. It cannot be spent and cannot leave the room. What value does it have to you? It may sound good to your mates down the pub, but what real value does it have?


Getting up every morning with the soul purpose of making money is a sure fire way to future unhappiness. If you get there, then what? There isn't anything to move forward with anymore. 


Know Thyself

As the leader of a company in the modern world, your results will be in direct correlation to how authentic you are to yourself. 'Know Thyself' is an ancient term, not only referencing the spiritual side of our true nature, but also our highest values and own personal strengths and weaknesses. I am a massive advocate of becoming unbelievably good at your strong points without trying to balance all of your other qualities. This authenticity comes down to knowing who you are, not who you think you should be.


Growth and Contribution

I first heard the above title said by a 'youtube mentor' called Peter Sage, who we have now had the pleasure of having on the podcast (check out his episode here).


Continuous growth in your life will NEVER allow you to 'finish'.  Whatever you figure your purpose in life, if you decide you will be continuously growing and contributing to the world there will be a limitless flow of energy for you to tap into because the end goal becomes the journey you are travelling on, there is nothing to be attained other than service. 

List of questions to ask yourself to find why your values:


1) Would you stop doing what you are doing for a living if money wasn't a thing?

2) What would you do to contribute to the world if money wasn't a thing?

3) What do you think about more than anything else?

4) If somebody offered you complete happiness, what would that look like?

5) As you are lying on your death bed, what will you regret not doing for the greater good?


Don't pretend to be anyone other than yourself x