Self Awareness

The number 1 step in ALL areas of life is the awareness of the level of consciousness we are operating at. We need to be the witness behind our thoughts, emotions which in turn lead to our behavioural patterns. When we are operating at a high level of consciousness we will 'see' opportunities in every situation which lead to internal and external growth.

High levels of self awareness in business will shine a light on your weak points as an entrepreneur, there will be very little resistance from the voice in your head telling you how risky your decisions are, and it will allow you to 'show up' to the best of your ability. 

True inner work will be the best decision you will ever make. If you have a shit week in what society calls 'work', but you have developed as a spiritual being, that should be considered a success in my book. Remember that your outer world is merely a reflection of the level of consciousness you are operating at inside.

When you realise that the bends in the river that you are handed is there for your own good, is the moment you will stop resisting them. Celebrate your hardships as the opportunities they are to grow and expand your being.

I am convinced that everything that is put in front in life is to assist us in advancing... yes, everything. Having a tough time? So is the malnourished kid in Africa who hasn't eaten for 3 days, perspective. 

Be warned!

It is not always pleasant to dive into your true self. The patterns you have run all of your life have come from somewhere and these need to be surrendered to allow the energy blockage to release. See the video below.