The principle of single focus

One of the most effective tips to results and peace, sometimes a duality that cannot be transcended.

Imagine you had 10 plants on your shelf. They all need water to survive but you only had 1 cup of water for the week.

So there are 2 options here:

1) Try and water all of them equally over the 7 days but risk the death of all of them.

2) Water 1 of them so that one will definitely live and thrive.

I see this all the time in business and investing. If people watered just one idea that is in true alignment with their highest values with persistency, they will thrive and financial reward will follow. If a person tries to water 5 different business ideas there would be no business's at all within 12 months because there has been no focal point of energy, like the plants.

Make sure your multi-tasking is not simply self-distraction because you are not sure where to put your energy due to a lack of direction!

Stick with one idea, commercialise it and systemise it. At that point your focal point of energy can shift onto the next business while the original model has a heartbeat of its own. 

See where this can be implemented in other areas of your life too, it has a lot of power!

Peace x