Your relationship with adversity

One vital shift in thinking towards a higher level of awareness, is the knowing that reality is ALWAYS acting in your favour..... ALWAYS. To re-contextualise each perceived negative time into our biggest lessons will quite literally change your life.  A very subtle yet hugely profound shift in your hardware. Ask yourself how you would perceive 'negative' events in your life if this reality was owned in every situation... Powerful Growth.

Back in 2011 I got told I wasn't good enough to play professional football. I was wounded and my ego took an absolute battering. Now, I can honestly say that it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Did I think so 6 years ago when I was told? Definitely not. Everything I had worked for growing up came to a halt and it actually made me look at myself properly for the first time.

A true gift that I am very grateful for.

Why do we think as human beings that the world should look as we think it should? 

Because of our level of conscious awareness human beings try and mould reality to make it look how they want it to. I have news for you.... you're wasting valuable energy. The shift from fighting life to allowing life brings the bliss we are all unconsciously seeking. Does a cat struggle trying to make the world fit its pictures?

Have you noticed that whenever you have been through a very difficult period in life, you always look back on that time as your biggest lesson and growth period? 

If you can imagine the caterpillar and butterfly analogy.... The caterpillar thinks it is dying and its world is coming to an end. In reality it is being reborn into a more advanced being than it was before. Actions out of fear doesn't stop the change and either does any intellectual thinking. It is as it is.

How do you show up in the world after something has gone against the way you think it should look? 

Do you stay fixed in your old patterns, putting a barrier around yourself to block any potential growth? Or do you stand tall, shoulders back and become the best version you can be in the knowing that 'negative' externals are merely lessons from something bigger in order to grow yourselves? 

These are all choices to you make multiple times a day. We all have the same shit we go through. All of us have emotions to work through, past conditioning to shine a light on, mental blocks that irritate the life out of us.

We signed up for this, make it brilliant.