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Episode #6

Peter Sage has been a competition level bodybuilder, ran the 250km Sahara Ultramarathon, started many different businesses in alternative markets and he was one of the youngest trainers to ever work with Tony Robbins. He is considered an expert in personal development and now contributes to the world with his business school and training programs. Recently Peter has had a stint in one of the most brutal prisons in the UK for 'contempt of court' which has taught him a lot about himself and how he can best serve the world.  We dive into the world of quantum mechanics, chaos theory, levels of consciousness, contribution over significance, and what people can do to become the greatest version of themselves.


Episode #7

Jason Christoff is an absolute truth shining master.  He is a health coach & mentor who has appeared on the Dr Phill show and been in the natural health industry for over 20 years. His no BS approach to health and self sabotage has earned him a world famous reputation and all for good reason. Jason is shining a light on a lot of darkness which makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. We covered a range of topics including mind control, vaccines, circumcision, self sabotage and ancient cults. This one isn't for the faint hearted.

Episode #21

Nathan Riddett is a pubic speaker and educator on Natural Law.

We cover a range of different and very important topics, particularly on how society is being converted to a subjective reality rather than an objective one and how that impacts society as a whole.

We also go over what Love is, the role that religion has played, and is playing in the world today and also get Nathan's ideas around veganism and anarchy.

Episode #18

Luigi Gino Di Serio (Gino) is a pioneer in his field of alternative health. He has been experimenting on his own body for decades and has now created a master fasting program based on his own experiences. Gino talks us through his history growing up and his health problems that led him to where he is today, helping thousands of people overcome illness using fasting and fruit as the main tools for healing.