A case for gold

Gold has not only been used as value exchange for millennia but has occult properties known by very few people throughout the world. Why do you think that this precious metal in particular has always been used as a show of affluence (jewellery) and has an intrinsic value which resonates deeply in the spirit of humanity?

Real Estate

Having bought and sold millions of pounds worth of Real Estate over a period of 6 years, I have been fortunate to learn a lot about this asset class and how it can be utilised to grow and preserve wealth. In the last 50 years, there has been no asset class that has outperformed Real Estate in relation to the returns offered whilst earning a regular income.

The architects of corrupted capitalism

On December 13th, 1913, The Federal Reserve was created by US government officials and elitist bankers. The US government give The Fed power over the money supply. This, along with the Bretton Woods agreement which was signed in 1944, gave an incredible amount of power to the US and private central banking system of The Fed. The rest as they say, is history….